Standard Towing Fees

Find below standard towing fees, as regulated by the Colorado PUC for vehicles less than 10,000 GVW.

Towing fees and towing rates

$160.00 hook fee
$4.25 per laden mile fee
Per the PUC, the maximum charge shall be adjusted monthly by setting a fuel surcharge.
$30.00 per day storage fee
Storage fee begins once vehicle arrives at impound and increases every 24 hours thereafter.
$66.00 after-hour release fee
You may pick up your vehicle outside of normal business hours by paying this additional fee. Appointments must be made by contacting our 24-hour dispatch.
$150.00 administration fee
After a vehicle is left in our storage for over 48 hours, this fee is assessed for the costs associated with notifying all owners, lien holders and proper authorities of the impounded vehicle as required by state laws.
$70.00 drop fee
A drop fee occurs if you arrive at your vehicle at the time of tow. You are responsible for this charge whether the vehicle is hooked or not. Drop fees must be paid in cash or Master Card and Visa; you must be the cardholder and registered owner with a valid government issued photo ID that matches the name on the card.

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