If a lien holder recovers a vehicle from impound, we will require a Hold Harmless Form. If you have any questions, please consult our FAQ.

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I had excellent service tonight. The truck was on the spot in about 1 minute. The staff was very helpful and polite. First class in every respect. Well done.

Brian Jennings

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Vehicle Owners

Q: Does an all-wheel-drive vehicle require a flatbed?
A: No, conventional tow trucks are capable of lifting all-wheel-drive vehicles off the ground.
Q: Who makes up the impound fees?
A: All towing companies are regulated by the Colorado PUC.
Q: What if I report my vehicle stolen?
A: All towing companies are required to report all impounds immediately to local law enforcement and receive a tow report number. This prevents falsely reporting a stolen vehicle and assists owners in determining which company has the vehicle.
Q: How long will you store a vehicle for?
A: Typically we will dispose of a vehicle or begin the lien sale process after 35 days of impound.
Q: Is your impound lot secure?
A: Yes, we have five acres of fully lit and paved surfaces. We do not let anyone into our lot for any reason so you can be assured your vehicle and belongings are safe.

Property Managers

Q: Are you properly insured?
A: We are fully insured with limits that exceed state and private requirements. We do not use subcontractors.
Q: Do you charge for your signs?
A: No, we provide and install signs at no charge.
Q: Do you require a contract?
A: Contracts, per se, are not required. We do request a towing and sign agreement so that: 1) we have written authorization to hang signs on your community and 2) we have a list of persons who are authorized to request tows.
Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: If you are not completely satisfied with our services we ask for a 30-day written cancellation notice and will remove our signs as soon as possible after the receipt of that notice.